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Chasing Big Red Barns... In A Fairyland of Fall
~ October 22, 2014 ~

Is there anything as sweet while in the North Carolina mountains in Fall than enjoying the crisp, cool weather and watching the leaves change colors? Well... yes there is, actually... and for us, it's visiting with family and our beautiful, adorable grandchildren. The weather on our visit might not have been so crisp and cool, and it might have been a bit dreary-drizzly with a familiar hometown tinge of humidity in the air, but it was just dreamy for getting out and snapping some Fall photos!

I just adore dilapidated old buildings and rustic red barns, so when I mentioned this to my bonus-daughter, we decided to jump up and go hunt for one. We loaded the little cuties in a jeep/buggy-thingie, and headed out to discover some interesting barns. Here, in Jacksonville, I think there's just one red rustic barn, and it's at a park where they now require a costly permit for photographers to be able to use it as session scenery. (Boo!) Anyway, it took us about three whole minutes to find the most amazing, beautiful, aged, big, red barn! It was love at first sight, absolutely perfect, and this Florida girl was in a fairyland of red barns and Fall up in those mountains.

And then, a certain sweet little fella thought it would be fun to snap a twig. It's just what boys do, ya know. The problem was... his eye decided to jump out and catch a speck of that popping twig dust - putting a quick end to our adventure.

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