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A Mini Mommy and Me Session
~ August 14, 2014 ~

Sneaking in even a mini "Mommy and Me" session when Grandma is all about playing can pose a bit of a challenge. After all, [most of] my client kiddos don't know where the toys (and 'nacks) are stashed, and they aren't wondering why Grandma won't put down that camera and just play. So, in-between a few puzzles, and lunch, and books, and giggles, and snacks, here's a little of the photo fun we were able to sneak in.

Meet one of my beautiful daughters and a couple of my adorable grandbabies!

Yes, I told him he could pick out his own props, so... he headed straight for his special drawer in my office and pulled out what he thought might be interesting. (The random cardboard box he also selected was "accidentally" nudged out of the scene.)
(There is no shortage of personality, here.)

Mommy was good for her session, so she was treated to a fruit snack!


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